A New Way to Rest in Peace: Mushroom Death Suits

Eco-friendly burials are becoming much more common as time goes on. The idea of creating your body and releasing noxious fumes into the air isn't very desirable, and neither is letting your body rot in a box filled with fluids and worms. More and more people are choosing to become trees and diamonds. Some people are even choosing to let mushrooms naturally decompose their bodies. 

Coeio founders Jae Rhim Lee and Mike Ma created the Infinity Death Suit. This process of death is aimed to provide an eco-friendly alternative and to remove the 200+ toxins from the body as it returned to the earth. That way, a natural decomposition also won't harm the Earth and surrounding soil! 

The suit itself is made of fibers that are woven with a strain of spores that love human flesh. The deceased person's body is put in the suit and buried in the ground within 24 hours of death. The early decomposition will activate the spores and begin the process. 

The company writes:

Unlike conventional burial and cremation, they do not use harsh/toxic chemicals, pollute the environment, or waste precious natural resources. The Infinity Burial products also go a step beyond other green burial options, by cleansing and purifying toxins that accumulate in the body. If left unabated, these toxins end up contaminating the surrounding environment.


These Infinity Death Suits are fitted fur humans and their furry friends. If becoming a tree seems a little too far-fetched for you, try thinking about getting decomposed by flesh-eating mushrooms! 

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