A Possessed Nun Wrote A Cryptic Letter From The Devil and It Was Finally Decoded

In 1676, Sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione claimed to have had a conversation with the Devil. She claims he had taken her from her own consciousness and made her scribble down bizarre letters in a language that no one can read. She also said that Satan was trying to turn her away from God, which the other sisters believed. The letter was survived through the LUDUM Science Museum in Sicily. They had been trying to crack the code for decades. Finally, technology is advanced enough to produce software the read this bizarre letter.

The software was primed with Arabic, Latin, and the Runic Alphabet in order to get a full read. They figured that the letter contained a weird mishmash of old languages. The letter is pretty sinister. A lot of it was unreadable, but they got the gist of it. Basically, the letter is describing God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirits as deadweights and that God was invented by man. The writing was sarcastic in nature and mocked humans thinking that God can save them. Some scientists aren’t buying it. She could have had schizophrenia, have been hearing voices, or may have just been a little wacky on her own. No one can say for it what really happened all those centuries ago, but the story behind it is still pretty eerie.  

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