A Real Life Sociopath: Anna Delvey

A New York City Socialite turned into a federal criminal after her long con. All she wanted was a rich lifestyle with rich friends to boot. Anna Delvey trampled on anyone who was unfortunate to cross her path. She scammed bars, restaurants, and hotels along with lawyers, investors, and real estate developers.

She was convincing, charming, and conniving. Delvey made big promises on big money while being completely broke. Things hit rock bottom for Delvey when she went on a trip to Morrocco and left her friend with an unexpected bill of $62,000. All of her ‘friends’ saw who she really was and completely abandoned her to avoid any further scams. To this day, Delvey has not paid the friend back. She would scam hotels to stay there and use fake wire transfers to pay for her rooms. She ended up $30,000 in debt and homeless once they caught on.

Overall, she ended up scamming $275,000 using falsified documents to get bank loans. She floated bad checks. She promised investors big things with a foundation that was never going to happen.

The socialite is now living on Rikers Island, in prison. She faces up to 15 years in prison for her deeds. The judge and jury all reported that she had no remorse or regret during her hearings, and they are convinced she will be going right back to scamming once she gets out.  

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