After Four Long Years, He Seized The Only Opportunity to Escape from His Stepmother

Gregory Jr. initially thought that his trip to Atlanta to visit his father would only last a couple of days. Four years later, he was living a daily nightmare, and he went through dire straits to get himself out of it...

His New Stepmother

Four years earlier, Gregory Jean Jr. set out to visit his father's new family in Atlanta, GA. His dad had just married a woman named Samantha Davis who, according to his father, was overjoyed by the opportunity to meet him. However, Gregory Jr. quickly learned that she had other ideas, and the feelings she initially expressed wouldn't stick around. 

One Boy Returned Home

Gregort Jr. left his home in Florida with his brother, Samuel early one summer morning. They had both planned on staying a few days with their father in Atlanta to meet their new stepmother. When it was time to head home, only Samuel came back...


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