Anna Mae Dickinson Was The Luckiest Woman to Ever Live

Anna Mae Dickinson was an extremely normal, run of the mill person. Her family were lower-class immigrants from Britan, living in upper Manhattan in New York City. However, her parents offered her an unforgettable opportunity at just 8 years old. 

Her family was able to scrounge a low-class ticket for them to ride on the Titanic, the world's most prospectively elegant cruise ship. This was the first and only Vacation Dickinson would venture onto because when the Titanic sank, she survived and her parents didn't. 

Fast forward three years, Dickinson was under the care of her aunt. They were on a boat called the Lusitana, traveling from Britan back to New York, when suddenly, a torpedo ripped through the side of the passenger vessel, killing her aunt and the majority of the passengers. 

Dickinson was able to narrowly escape, she was brought back to New York and placed into foster care. 

Dickinson was then moved to New Jersey, just outside of NYC. She lived there peacefully for an extremely short period of time until a Zepplin called the Hindenburg exploded and destroyed the naval base she was residing on. 

Dickinson walked away unscathed and was relocated to another Naval base in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1938. She lived there for 3 years, enjoying the peace of island time until WWII heated up and her home was converted to a National Guard outpost. The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred and Dickinson had a front-row seat. She was evacuated before things got too bad. She lived on Big Island until she turned 25 and she moved back to NYC. 

Dickinson lived a surprisingly long life, and at 97 years old, she was alive and kicking in an apartment in upper Manhattan. However, on September 11th, 2001, Dickinson's apartment was destroyed by fallout from the tragic event. Somehow, Dickinson survived another 3 years before her passing. 


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