Australians Are Mocking Tom Hanks for His Vegemite Toast

Actor Tom Hanks is stuck in Australia currently after he and his wife, Rita Wilson tested positive for COVID-19, also known as coronavirus. The couple has been in quarantine since their diagnosis, and they're making the best of life down under. Tom has been updating fans on their status via Twitter, and so far, things are looking pretty good for the duo, but not so well for the food. 

After tweeting this very Aussie picture, fans began mocking Hanks online for his method of eating Vegemite toast. Hanks' toast is covered in a thick layer of the bitter spread. Traditionally, Vegemite is used very sparingly, and with a little bit of butter to offset the aggressive flavor. Clearly, no one warned Tom about this particular cultural cuisine preparation. 

"Tom, I mean this with all the respect and love in the world," wrote one user, "but that is too much Vegemite."  It seems that all over the country, people expressed concern for Hanks' terrible condition, but more so for his Vegemite practices. One other Twitter user wrote: "Tom, from a life-long Australian vegemite connoisseur, you are seriously overdosing on the stuff, but hey if it helps kill that bug, go for it."

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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.