Bigfoot Caught On Camera

Every since Bigfoot was caught on camera all those years ago, people have been obsessed with the notion of a mysterious bipedal beast hanging around in forests. There have been TV shows, movies, and documentaries showcasing just how crazy Bigfoot culture is.

So, when a man in Colorado saw what he thought was a bear in his window, he was shocked to learn that he had just entered one of the craziest subcultures of all time.

Scott Yeoman walked into his home back in August of 2017 and was met with a disgusting smell. 

“In August of 2017 we were finishing the interior of the back of the house and I came into the living room and caught a whiff of a VERY harsh odor in the room. It smelled like rotting animal flesh, vomit, and excrement.”

Before he could even try to piece together what the smell was, he saw something move past his window. Thinking it was a bear, he wasn't too worried. Bears frequently approach his home. That's when he noticed that the figure moved in a way that did not resemble your average bear. To document, he took some photos with an old point and shoot that was just in his reach...

Scott was afraid that it was an intruder and called the police. He also went to get his gun to protect his family just in case anything went awry. By the time he returned, the mysterious figure was gone. Luckily, he had taken photos, which revealed something even scarier...

That face was not a face of a bear. When he showed the three cops who showed up at his door, two of them were freaked out. The other one just said, "well, it kind of looks like a bear." Bear or not, this is freaky! 

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