"Bigfoot" Footprint Found in Utah's Cache Valley

Last June, Matthew Wentz went hiking in the Cache Valley in northern Utah. That's where he found a large impression on the ground that resembled a footprint. 

“I thought, wow, that is really weird,” Wentz said. “I was looking at the depth of it and how wide it was. I thought it was probably older because you could tell there were pebbles on it. I’m guessing there was snow on the ground to make the impression because the ground up there is pretty hard. You usually can’t see tracks of the bigger animals. Right now, you won’t see anything on hard ground even if it weighs 1,000 pounds.”

Wentz shared a photo of the imprint in a local Facebook group. He added his foot for size comparison.

“While hiking in the Mount Naomi wilderness. I came across this giant track,” Wentz wrote in the post. “Whether it is a real track, I honestly don’t know. But if it is real, its definitely a sasquatch. People are quick to laugh, but sasquatch was reported in this area and i know several people who have seen it long ago. I believe if it was here and that the large increase of people in recent years have driven it out. Most of those sightings were 30-40 years ago. I marked where the toes are.”


The image was pretty striking. You can make out the imprint itself as well as the squashed dirt. It looks like the pebbles in the dirt was pushed further into the ground, meaning that whatever made this mark had a decent amount of weight behind it. 

Very faintly, you can see where the toes are as well. It's hard to say whether this is Bigfoot himself or not, but one thing is for certain: he made some waves in the Bigfoot community with this photo! 

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