Eerie Facts about Skinwalkers

The Skinwalker urban legend originated in Navajo tribes out west. Not only are they known for stealing the faces of loved ones, but they can also manifest as unassuming animals. Some folks claim that they can even take your skin and pretend to be you

Here are some of the scariest, creepiest facts about Skinwalkers that have come straight from Navajo lore.

  • If you look a Skinwalker in the eyes, they can easily absorb themselves into you.
  • Skinwalkers are mostly seen as owls, coyotes, wolves, eagles, foxes, and crows. 
  • In Navajo culture, they're called yee naaldooshii. That directly translates to, "he who walks on all fours."


  • Skinwalkers can run a whopping 200 miles before needing to break.
  • The only way to kill a Skinwalker is to call it by its human name... Good luck if you don't know it!
  • Those who have seen them in their truest form say that they are all skin and bones, walking on all fours in an unnatural manner. 
  • Skinwalkers like to hang around graveyards for easy prey. They're known to dig up graves as well to use the powder from corpses as poison on their victims.
  • Like most things in this world, Skinwalkers don't just manifest as Skinwalkers. They're actually humans, witches usually, who turn into Skinwalkers.
  • In the lore, the way to become a Skinwalker is to participate in a ceremony.

There you have it. Some of the creepiest, not-as-well-known facts about the horrifying Skinwalkers. Skinwalkers have allegedly been seen all over the country, but there's one place in particular that they're seen the most... Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. Apparently, that's where they're concentrated the most. Enter if you dare! 

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