Brazillian Drug Trafficker Attempts to Escape Prison Disguised as His Daughter

To be fair, there have been worse attempts.

Yesterday, a Brazillian drug-trafficker named Clauvino da Silva attempted to escape prison by swapping places with his 19-year-old daughter.

His daughter met him in the visitation room and gave him a costume that consisted of one silicone mask, blue jeans, a pink shirt, a wig, and a black bra. Only one problem, there was no way that his daughter could have gotten back into the prison because she was not dressed up, and da Silvia’s costume was so pitiful, it wouldn’t have fooled a child.

Da Silva is serving a 72-year sentence for drug trafficking with no chance for parole. He was intending to leave his daughter in the prison until the guards realized that she was not him and he would be long gone. Following the event, his daughter was arrested for conspiring to assist in a prison escape. His daughter’s name and motives have been shrouded by the authorities, but it is unlikely that she will get off scot-free.

Da Silva was one of the 31 prisoners who attempted to escape via the sewer system earlier this year. His daughter was also a suspect in that case, but now it seems as if she will be finally charged for her attempts at conspiracy.

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