British News Media Went Crazy When They Found Out The Truth About The Worlds Youngest Father

Alfie Patten was only 12 years old when he found out that his girlfriend was having a baby. When he was 13, he became a father. Things escalated when a paternity test came out, and people began attacking their families…

Alfie Patten

Alfie Patten was living in Eastbourne, Britain with his parents. He was living the life of a normal 12-year-old boy. He had a lot of good friends and was even dating his first-ever girlfriend, Chantelle Stedman.

Dating Chantelle

Chantelle Stedman was 15 when she started dating Alfie. The three-year difference was a bit troubling, but they seemed innocent enough. Until Chantelle went to Alfie and his parents with some news…


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