Can Quicksand Actually Swallow You Whole?

Indiana Jones is reading very intently.

Everyone has seen quicksand gobbling up our favorite big-screen actors, but in reality, quicksand is a lot more difficult to find and far less menacing than one would think.

Quicksand is a very specific mixture of clay, fine sand, and saltwater. In order to turn it into its reverse-oobleck status that is famous for its “deadly” properties.

However, this combination isn’t inherently able to fully consume a human being. The accident will be disruptive and dirty, but human beings lack the density to entirely sink into the grainy stuff.

Quicksand is also mostly made of water, and if you haven’t noticed, human beings float in water. Worst case scenario, a person will fall into quicksand up to their waist and then be able to clamber back out with ease.

If you find yourself stuck in quicksand, DON’T PANIC. Although lifting yourself vertically is akin to lifting a small car, but if you pull horizontal, gravity will work in your favor.

The ideal way to get out of quicksand is to have a friend wait for you on the far side of the pit of sand, and pull you towards them with a long stick or rod.

If you find yourself in quicksand, just hang tight and gently try to step up. Wiggle your feet to slowly try and get your feet above the sand that’s holding them down. Slowly and carefully work your way up and you will for sure run free in no time.

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