Check Out The Museum of Death

Fans of everything morbid: This is the place for you. The Museum of Death is located on Hollywood Boulevard. The idea was founded in 1995 in San Diego. The owners put on a display of art made entirely by prisoners on California’s death row, which was then followed up with a show featuring artwork by serial killers. The building that they held the installations in was previously a mortuary.

The museum then moved to it’s Hollywood Boulevard location. This building used to be a recording studio. The construction of the building served the museum perfectly due to the soundproofed walls. It fit the eerie, silent vibes of a funeral. Inside the exhibits, they have serial killer memorabilia, body bags, coffins, photo binders of matchbooks, crime scene photos from famous murders, and even replicas of execution devices. They even have the real guillotined head of Parisian serial killer Henri Landru.

The collections at the museum come in droves. People are always submitting new work and materials for them to use, many of personal value. It became such a demand that they ended up opening a museum in New Orleans called Musée de Mort Orleans. In another morbid twist, the owners warn that although these exhibits are for everyone, visitors should only come if they are ready for a “good dose of reality.” Many people have passed out during their trips, which the museum calls “falling down ovations.” Check it out, if you dare!

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