Child Radio Plays Creepy Italian Music By Itself

If you're a parent, then you've probably experienced your kids' toys coming alive in the middle of the night. Usually, that's a sign of the batteries dying and there's nothing to fear. This parent's experience was a little different. 

Reddit user ptlwriting was woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of violent static. He slowly got out of bed and went to investigate. His kids were still fast asleep and their rooms were quiet, so he headed downstairs to find the source of the noise. 

"At the bottom of the stairs, I turned and went down the hall and into the kitchen. The sound was quite loud at this point. It was coming from the family room to my left. By the time I got to the edge of the family room, the sounds were so loud that they hurt my ears. I walked into the family room and found the source of the noise. Between two chairs was a small turquoise end table, and on the bottom shelf of that end table was a small Hello Kitty boombox which belonged to my then 7-year-old daughter. The boombox was turned up full blast and what was coming out of it was just horrible radio static.

As I stood there, music started to come through the static. It was old Greek or Italian music. Probably would have seemed perfectly normal at either an Italian or Greek restaurant, but here in the dark in the middle of the night it was terrifying."

The Redditor did post a video to prove his experience. Many naysayers were quick to disprove his experience by saying that kid toys do that frequently and that it wasn't paranormal. He wrote that the switch had to be physically turned on in order for the radio to make a noise and that it had been switched to AM radio. He also made a note that if the radio had been on, the family would have surely heard it before they went to bed, especially since it was on full blast. 

He did tease that other things were happening in the home but didn't go into detail. There's something paranormal going on for sure. 

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