Chilling Photos Taken Right Before Major Events in History

Sometimes the photos taken before a tragic event are more ominous than the events themselves...

When people are unaware of the trauma they're about to endure, whether it be boarding a doomed flight or a smiling celebrity before their untimely death, these catastrophes are often preceded by normal pictures. Many of these people had no idea their lives would soon end when these photos were captured...

Andrew McAuley, 2007

The Australian kayaker attempted to kayak 994 miles across the Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand in February 2007 but was presumed lost at sea. Authorities recovered the kayak but not his body. They believe he got caught by a rogue wave which tore open the kayak that was specially designed to keep him safe and dry while he was asleep. A tape from the kayak was recovered, where McAuley detailed his voyage and regrets.

Freddy Mercury, 1991

This is the last known photo of the Queen singer, just days before he passed away due to AIDS complications. He was a respected singer and one-of-a-kind performer in the music community.


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