Christmas Horror Movies to Binge

Christmas doesn't have to be about spreading joy and cheer. For some of us, we like to keep it creepy and gory as we do all year round. Horror-fans have been blessed with tons of scary Christmas movies, which are a great way to spend this year's festivities! Here are some total classics:

Better Watch Out 

A young babysitter has to take her skills to a new level in this Christmas thriller. Ashley is watching 12-year-old Luke over the holidays when intruders break into the home. It's up to Ashley to keep them both safe and to get the intruders out of there.


Deathcember is an anthology horror movie that is centered around the holidays. There are 24 short films by 24 international directors. Every style of filming and every story is different, but they are all linked around an advent calendar.

Jack Frost

This film starts off with a bang when a genetic research truck transporting hazardous materials collides with the car of a serial killer. The killer is exposed to genetic chemicals that combine with the snow on the ground, thus making him a homicidal snowman. Watch as he takes revenge on anyone he can. 

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