CIA Documents Tried To Trick A Psychic, But What He Saw Was Terriying

In 1984, the CIA spoke with a psychic medium in an attempt to see if he was legitimate or not. They spoke with him for a bit and then got to interview. They gave him coordinates and time and asked him to describe the place that he said. What they did, though, was give him coordinates of Mars. In order to keep things genuine, they gave the subject a sealed envelope with the words: The planet Mars. Time of interest approximately 1 million years B.C. Thinking they were going to catch him lying, they were shocked at what he described.

They continued to ask him to describe what he was seeing. Things just got more and more bizarre. He started describing extremely bizarre humanoid figures.

The subject continues to describe bizarre pyramids, shiny metal objects that are bigger than he could possibly imagine, and complete destruction and disarray. He felt that the area he was in was in some sort of environmental distress. He could have been given the coordinates of anything. He could have described the beaches of Hawaii or the mayhem of Pearl Harbor. But, instead, he described things that no one could imagine. Were these just something his brain made up? Or, did he see something very real… No one knows for sure, but these CIA documents are real and scary.  

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