Creepy Entity Caught On Camera

In-home security cameras are becoming increasingly popular as the technology becomes more available and affordable. People are starting to catch more paranormal goings-on inside of their homes since the cameras are rolling 24/7. 

One mother posted a chill-inducing video that her living room camera caught. According to her, no one else was home but her and her baby. The security camera is in the living and points down the hallway which leads to the bedrooms.

“Please help I don’t know what this is," she wrote on Reddit. "It was in my baby’s room but when I went to check nobody was there.”

The footage clearly shows an entity poking its head out of one of the bedrooms. The movement is quick and doesn't resemble a human at all, despite the figure taking shape of a human.

All of the commenters had their theories, including those who felt that it was faked. She has stood her ground in saying that it's authentic and that she's scared. Some commenters have said to cleanse the home or hire a medium to make contact with the spirit.

Whatever she chooses to do, the last thing she would need is a Ouija board. Hopefully, her problem is solved before anything bad happens.

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