Critics Are Screaming About How Good 'A Quiet Place Part II' Looks

After a long wait, John Krasinski has decided to continue his love affair with the deafeningly silent world he built in 2018, and we could not be more excited. 

After the finalizing events in  A Quiet Place, one could imagine where the plot could have gone from there. Now that the family knows that you can disarm the weird alien things, it's only natural to continue with a sequel where the characters have that knowledge, and they're running around blasting sound into the creature's heads.

Well, if you're John Krasinski, that approach might seem a little too easy. 

Buff Jim from The Office is back, but this time around he's staying behind the camera and letting his writing and direction skills pay the bills in this thrilling sequel to his 2018 smash hit. 

Krasinski stars right where he left off. The Abbott family had to leave their quiet abode and the safety that their father constructed for them in an attempt to spread the knowledge that the creatures can be disabled through sound. From what it looks like, this movie doesn't just want to continue the story from face value. 

Krasinski takes the trailer back to day 0 when the attack just started. The trailer depicts a town in peril, men women and children sprinting in the street, screaming and crying as the creatures rapidly slaughtered them.

From there, Krasinski introduces some new characters and that's pretty much it. Sometimes, simplicity is key when you're putting together a much-warranted sequel like this. 

A Quiet Place Part II will hit the theaters on March 20th, 2020.

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