Drink Cocktails and Pet Rats at This San Francisco Pop-Up Bar

A man, his friends, and a rat walk into a bar, they all had to buy $50 tickets to be there.

The Rat Bar in the Bay Area’s famous “San Francisco Dungeon” will be open from June 13th to the 15th. If you were interested in getting tickets, you can’t. Tickets to the Rat Bar sold out in 45 minutes from release. They cost $50 a piece, that price covers a tour of the San Francisco Dungeon, one free drink that’s curated by the bartender, a half hour to play with the rats, and an hour-long seminar that recounts San Francisco’s “dark, and twisted history.”

Matthew Clarkson, head of marketing at West Coast Midway Attractions, and the brain behind the San Francisco Rat Cafe (pretty much the same idea for the Rat Bar, just with coffee and pastries and not hosted in a dungeon.) said this regarding his new idea; “We thought, ‘F it. This time, get drunk, see our show, touch rats and get drunk some more’.”

Now, that’s all well and good, but how is the Health Department letting this happen? Well, as long as they keep the rat section and the bar section separated, they can operate legally.

All of the rats have been donated by the charity; Radical Rodent Rescue.

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