Did Someone Capture a UFO Delivery on the Moon?

Out of all of the unexplainable footage out there, this one might just take the cake! A UFO was captured floating over the Moon's surface. A UFO does not always mean aliens, but it means that the object is unidentified and unknown to the masses. 

UFOlogists have noted that the below footage shows a UFO that has been picked up by Earth's satellites. So, what is it? 

It's a little hard to make out, but some people think that the UFO is actually "dropping" something off on the surface of the moon. Scientists who are familiar with the moon say that the UFO is hovering over an area called the "Sea of Cold."

It seems that the object is sure of its trajectory, meaning that it could be defying the laws of gravity. 

So, we have all of this information (kind of) but what is it? Is this footage just a trick of the eye? Or did this person really capture a bizarre space delivery?

Even if it was a space delivery... Who sent it, what is it, and who is it for? Space is crazy!

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