“Garfield Gameboy’d” is the Next Horror Game We Need

  • By Pete
  • 4 months ago


Garfield is back and in a big way. This time, our lovable feline friend takes the form of something between John Carpenter’s The Thing, and Tetsuo after he’s been completely transformed in Akira.

Pixel artist Lumpy Touch created this absolute masterpiece, following Jon Arbuckle, Dr. Liz Wilson, Arline, Odie, and most importantly, a practically unidentifiable, seemingly possessed Garfield. Only this time, Garfield doesn’t want to get rid of Jon as he does in the comics, he wants to LOVE HIM FOREVER.

Unfortunately, there is no actual game to go along with this teaser. According to Lumpy Touch, there never will be. However, this would quite possibly be the best thing to happen to horror. So few games truly capture horror elements that were pushed forward in older handheld games. Garfield Gameboy’d captures some of the ominous feelings that were present in Super Metroid, Resident Evil, and Castlevania. We think this would be a fantastic addition to both the Garfield lovers, and indie game universe.