Elementary School Dedicates Itself to 200 Acts of Kindness

Giving back has never been more adorable! In Rockwall, TX, Grace Hartman Elementary partnered with an organization known as Raise Craze to finish a fundraising campaign focused on being kind and doing good things. Both in-person and online students completed acts of kindness for others in order to show thanks to their wonderful donors. Together, the students successfully completed 235 acts of kindness and generated $10,615 for their school!

Alison Bray, Hartman PTA President, was especially impressed. "We’ve heard that this fundraiser has been not only beneficial in the classroom but also at home!" said the leader, "Encouraging students to think outside of themselves and look to helping others promotes good in the entire community."

The students have done things like clean up garbage in the park, written cards for first responders and healthcare workers, and even crafted gift baskets for postal workers and delivery people.

"We have enjoyed seeing the students’ excitement about spreading kindness in our community," remarked Becky Reidling, Hartman Principal. "It’s something we, as a school, have always encouraged, and we hope to continue to build on that excitement moving forward."

Students remain dedicated to doing good things for their local community even after the fundraiser has closed. After all, the world can always use a few more kindhearted kids!

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Post originally appeared on Endeared.