Flight Attendant Notices Something On Her Flight That Changes Thousands of Lives

Sheila Fredrick was starting a shift as a flight attendant, just like every other day. Then, she noticed something bizarre that would change everything…

Doing Her Job

Sheila Fredrick has been working as a flight attendant for over 10 years. Although she worked long shifts all across the world, she loved her job. She’s seen a lot of bizarre things as a flight attendant, but the scariest one was in 2011…

Sheila was on one of her shorter flights. It was just a quick two-hour flight from Seattle to San Fransisco, nothing major. After all of the passengers got settled, she noticed something weird about a pair…

Very Important Job

People really do overlook the flight attendant profession. They make sure passengers are comfortable and well fed, but they’re also the eyes of the plane. They’re the ones who spot anything wrong on board. Luckily, Sheila had a wonderful intuition.

Lifelong Career


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