Florida Teenagers Murder Goes Viral On TikTok

A young girl's murder case is making rounds on TikTok after users discovered she was murdered by her classmate. He was found bragging about the murder on social media. 

Tristyn Bailey was a cheerleader at a small Florida highschool. She had lived in the area for most of her life and was well-known by her peers. Her life was tragically taken by a 14-year-old male classmate whom she had grown up with. 

Bailey was reported missing on the morning of May 9th, 2021. The tight-knit community rallied around the Bailey family to try and find the missing teen. A resident of the neighborhood discovered her body in a wooded area. It appeard that she had been stabbed to death.

Authorities involved with the case haven't released details on her murder, but they've described it as "horrific." The 14-year-old suspect, who has not been formally named by authorities due to his age and the fact that he isn't being tried as an adult (yet), posted a snapchat photo of himself in the back of a police car with the caption, "Has anyone seen Tristyn lately?" 

At his first court hearing, the judge declared that he will be charged with second degree murder. The community who have rallied around Bailey believe that it should be first, as he brought the knife that he killed her with in an act of premeditation. 

A change.org petition has racked up at least 265k signatures to try the teenager as an adult for Bailey's murder. 

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