‘Ghost Adventures’ Star Captures Paranormal Event on His Museum’s Security Camera

Leave it to Zak Bagans to film something paranormal without even trying. The Ghost Adventures star owns Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum in his hometown of Las Vegas. Inside the museum resides tons of paranormal goodies such as creepy dolls, haunted paintings, and even a Dybuuk box (kept behind a glass box). Naturally, there are security cameras all over the museum. It would be easy to argue whether or not Bagans has these cameras installed to capture any haunted goings-on or would-be robbers. As it turns out, he ended capturing something extra spooky…

A previous tweet from a shakier video states, “Captured on security camera in Saloon exhibit. Old phonograph horn thats been sitting there for two years unexplainably gets knocked off then the backing of the unit falls down.” It would make sense that this place is haunted. If you’re a fan of the show, then you know what kind of energy surrounds Bagans and his crew at all times… Even team member Aaron Goodwin can partially blame a spiritual attachment for ending his marriage. What do you think? Hoax, coincidence, or haunting?  

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