Harry Truman Saw Ghosts at the White House

The White House seems like a prime place to be haunted! Tons of people have walked the same hallways for hundreds of years. President Truman is one of the few that actually wrote about the hauntings inside… Some notable spirits are of Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson. There were many presidents and other witnesses to these events, and they have explained them in great detail. But, President Truman had some of the best experiences. Truman was very obvious about the fact that he believed it was haunted. He and his daughter saw spirits frequently.

About a year after taking office, he claims that he heard someone knocking on his bedroom door. When he opened it, no one was there. He then said the air got freezing cold, and then he heard footsteps moving down the hallway. He even wrote about the experience in a letter to his wife, Bess.

“I sit in this old house, all the while listening to the ghosts walk up and down the hallway. At four o’clock, I was awakened by three distinct knocks on my bedroom door. No one was there. Damned place is haunted, sure as shootin’!” What other Presidents have experienced this, but wrote it off? How many Presidents actually haunt the place? We may never know…

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