Redditor Shares Bizarre Haunted Apartment Videos

Reddit user UnicornsLoveBacon posted about her bizarre experience with a playful ghost in her apartment. The poster lives with her fiance in a quiet building made primarily of concrete and brick. She said that it's so quiet that, "we ever hear our neighbors. The only time we hear our upstairs neighbor is when they turn their shower on, and sometimes we can hear them playing music, but even that is rare. We never hear them walking, talking, or just moving around in general." 

After gaining a few quality videos from her Nest camera, she decided to share it with Reddit in hopes of finding out what's really going on and if they should be worried... 

Her first experience that was odd happened in May of 2018. She had a friend sleepover while her EMS fiance was working an overnight shift. In the morning, her friend reported that she woke up in the middle of the night due to a noise and found herself covered in sweat. She felt like there was something heavy on her chest and heard a deep growling sound... The Redditor said that she brushed it off as a nightmare, but then more things started happening. 





The very next night, the night light in their living room goes out randomly. It's quiet for two months until something else is captured on the Nest camera. She and her fiance heard something sliding around in the living room and went to investigate, but found nothing. So, they checked the camera which definitely picked up the noises but no other movement...

A month later, her gym bag fell over onto the ground. She writes that this could have been normal, but the bag hadn't been touched in days. After those experiences, the couple decided to sage the apartment.  Things were quiet for a bit and seemed to "settle" besides some random bumps in the night.

Then, in September of 2019, the poster notices that her notepad on her fridge fell off. When she went to check the camera, she was startled at what was caught. 

If this apartment is haunted, the couple probably doesn't have anything to worry about. This spirit seems to be playful and likes to pull some pranks. The Redditor even said that she thinks the spirit just likes to "startle them by doing things like setting off the fire alarms or knocking things to the floor.

Either way, this evidence is a bit weird... How often do things randomly fall over like that? 

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