Here Are Some Spooky Horror Podcasts To Start This Holiday Season

There's a podcast for everything! Horror fans have taken a liking to creepy podcasts for their inventive storytelling and niche knowledge. There are podcasts on true crime, the paranormal world, horror movies, thriller movies, Ghost Adventures... you name it, it exists! Here are some of the move interesting podcasts to listen to in your downtime. 

The NoSleep Podcast

The NoSleep Podcast is derived from the creative subreddit r/NoSleep, where internet users can post their horror fiction stories to share. Instead of just reading the stories and providing commentary, the NoSleep Podcast takes a different approach. They perform the story instead of telling it! The show has been online since 2011, so you have almost 10 years to catch up on! 

Eli Roth’s History of Horror: Uncut


Eli Roth is a notable horror director who is as controversial as he is popular. His podcast delves into the entire world of horror. He's interviewed horror folks like Greg Nicotero, Rob Zombie, Ari Aster, Megan Fox, and Bruce Campbell. He also describes his experience of creating horror movies and what the culture is really like. 

And That's Why We Drink

Sometimes, paranormal and true crime stories can get pretty depressing. And That's Why We Drink is a comical yet morbid take on all things aliens, true crime, cryptids, hauntings, and Zak Bagans. It basically has everything you need in a podcast. Tune in to learn just why Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz drink! 

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