WWII Survivor Visits Childhood Home to Locate Hidden Treasure

Rudi Schlattner and his family were forced to leave the Czech Republic under horrific circumstances after WWII was over. Rudi's father was a carpenter and an eccentric. Years later, his father revealed that he had something of major importance hidden up in the attic.

It took Rudi over 70 years, but he was finally able to get into the home again, and he was moved to tears at what he found...

Czechoslovakia in WWII

World War II was a difficult time in history. It was a time loaded with death and despair as well as xenophobia that blighted the country and culture. After the war was over, citizens thought that they could move on. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, especially for Rudi Schlattner's family...

Rudi Schlattner

Rudi Schlattner and his family were forced to flee Czechoslovakia after WWII. They left all of their belongings and memorabilia in their home, never expecting that they could return home. Rudi and everyone else had to go back to Germany because the Czech Republic ordered all citizens of German descent to return back to their "homeland." This was a horrific time for those people, especially since they thought that the hard times were over...


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