Horror Movies Coming to Streaming Platforms in May

A new month always brings in new names to streaming platforms. Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video have released the titles for their new-to-streaming content, and there's a healthy chunk of horror films for each platform!

Some of these names are a mix of newer names, underrated films, and cult classics. Either way, these titles offer a great way to unwind while getting spooked.


Netflix is usually the go-to movie streaming platform, so they have to keep things interesting each month! Netflix has a lot of brand new titles that any thriller fan would be excited about. For starters, the Amy Adams-led Woman in the Window will be making its debut on the streaming platform. It was originally slotted to air in theaters, but the pandemic put a wrench in that plan and Netflix bought the rights to the film.

Things Heard and Seen is another new title starring Amanda Seyfried and James Norton. Army of the Dead, starring David Bautista, will also drop as a brand new zombie thriller.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video stuck strictly with the classics this month. They're releasing the first eight Friday the 13th films on May 31st, which any campy horror fan would be excited for. The 1986 anthology Deadtime Stories will also drop, which is a great introduction to old-school anthology series'. Joe Dante's The 'Burbs will also be available. 

The Gift, starring Billy Bob Thornton and Cate Blanchette, will be available for horror-adjacent fans. And Keanu Reeves fans, of course. As if those classics weren't enough, Night of the Living Dead 3D and Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection will be available for viewing parties.


Hulu has been doing a lot of "originals" these days. The horror anthology series Into the Dark will have another installment titled "Delivered." It tells the story of a pregnant woman and her best friend who has dark intentions. 

James Wan's The Conjuring will be dropping as well, which is a total cult classic if you haven't seen it yet. Definitely need to have that one in your arsenal! Parts 3 and 4 of the Friday the 13th series will be on Hulu as well. Last, but not least, we'll see the return of Monster House, which is a "children's" animated movie about a monster house.

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