Is It Okay To Feed Your Cat Ice Cream?

How safe is it to feed your cat ice cream? Many of us are super bored in quarantine and are taking to trying new things with our pets. But when it comes to your cat or dog's safety, that's one thing you just shouldn't mess with. One Twitter user is under fire for spooning his cat some cold vanilla ice cream, and while many thought the cat's reaction was funny, it's actually a dangerous warning sign.

The video has gained over 400,000 views since it was posted on Monday. In it, the cat licks the ice cream and then immediately leans back and makes a face as if trying to get the cold out of his mouth. The owner tries to help, but the cat keeps moving away. His caption, "I think we should all watch this cat try ice cream for the first time," seems harmless enough, but the cat's expression is pretty unsettling.

Veterinarian and owner of the Cat's Meow Cat Clinic Amy Cousino said, "intentionally giving your cat ice cream to cause a brain freeze is actually pretty unhealthy for the cat." She spoke to the Washington Post back in 2016 when cat brain freeze videos were trending. Another issue to be aware of is gastrointestinal problems, because cats are lactose intolerant.

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Post originally appeared on Endeared.