Kim Kardashian's Latest Magazine Cover Has The Internet Wondering If This Is Blackface

On Thursday, Kim Kardashian West went to Twitter to show her recent magazine cover with 7Hollywood magazine and the image shocked the Internet, a response that she seems to be no stranger to.

Twitter users were overall shocked and displeased with the look because, at first glance, this clearly does not look like the Kim K we all know. The consensus: it looks like a black woman.

She's shown with overly-bronzed skin, chiseled features, and an over the top wig. Some users thought the photo was of Diahann Carroll and not Kim at all. 

Though she was trying to channel an "Old Hollywood" vibe, many accused Kim of wearing blackface as well as "blackfishing," which is "an act commonly perpetrated by white women to appear of African or Arab ancestry."

Wanna Thompson, a culture critic who helped coin the term 'blackfish', noted that this will continue to happen as long as they know "outrage sells."

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Post originally appeared on American Upbeat.