Kindergarten Teacher Charged With Murder Had Previous Incidents at Daycares

A German kindergarten teacher has been accused of murder after a three-year-old girl died in her care. The teacher is only referred to as Sandra M, 25. After a brief investigation, officials found out that she had been involved with the near-deaths of three other toddlers at different daycare centers. 

On April 21st, young Greta was napping at al local daycare. At 2:45 pm, Sandra reported that the little girl had stopped breathing. Great went into a coma and passed away on May 4th. An autopsy revealed that Greta died from serious brain damage caused by massive pressure applied to her chest. Since Sandra was supervising her at the time, she was arrested.

A probe revealed that she was involved with three other cases in similar veins. In 2017, a three-year-old boy was found unresponsive during nap time under Sandra's care. His body was limp and his eyes rolled in the back of his head. Luckily, he was resuscitated but reluctant to return to the daycare. Sandra was fired, which "sparked joy" in the little boy, according to his mother. He was no longer afraid to return to the daycare after she left. 


In 2018, Sandra was hired at another daycare. Throughout her time there, a little girl was found to be short of breath multiple times and had to be resuscitated. 

The third incident happened in 2019 at a different daycare, where a little girl was found unresponsive on a changing table. According to the little girl's father, she signaled to him that Sandra placed her hand firmly on her chest for multiple minutes at a time. 

Somehow, she was hired at a fourth and, hopefully, final daycare. Tragically, this ended in the loss of life.

During the probe, investigators questioned her previous employers and coworkers. All of them claimed she lacked empathy and should have never been involved with childcare. Despite the red flags, her behavior was never reported.

New information came out that Sandra had told police that she had been slashed in the face by a man in the woods. After a medical examination, it was determined that the slashes were self-inflicted and she was encouraged to seek medical care. Somehow, that wasn't enough to keep her out of daycares.

Due to Germany's strict laws of keeping perpetrators' identities anonymous, it'll be a while before more information is revealed. 

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