Las Vegas Places Ban On Decorative Grass Growth

Nevada has been the victim of a recent drought that has caused legislators in the region to make some new rules regarding the water shortage. The first among these is a ban against watering grass unless for environmental purposes. That means no more lush, green front lawns for the citizens of the surrounding area. Instead, this kind of outdoor display should be replaced with proper desert landscaping. 

"It’s incumbent upon us for the next generation to be more conscious of conservation and our natural resources—water being particularly important," said Steve Sisolak, the Nevada Governor signing the legislation.

This applies only to cosmetic grass, such as the kind outside of office buildings or street medians. For people who choose to put a lawn in front of their homes, this is permitted still, but an alternative is more widely accepted. 

In order to incentivize people who want to help out, a rebate deal of $3 per square foot to rip up turf in their front yards is offered. Many people have already begun taking up this offer. This small act will help save 10% of the water supply from the Colorado River across 5000 acres of decorative grass. Whether someone wants to grow green or keep the desert look alive, there are options to do this in an environmentally friendly way!

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Post originally appeared on Endeared.