Man-Made Mound Older Than Pyramids Discovered

A group of archaeologists has discovered a gigantic mound that is dated to be more than four thousand years old. It has taken years for the archaeologists to successfully excavate this mountain. 

Inside of the mound is an ancient burial complex, similar to the Egyptian pyramids. The remains of around 30 soldiers were found inside, which made the archaeologists believe that this mound was specifically a military memorial. 

After some more investigating, the archaeologists made the conclusion that they found the oldest memorial ever. It does not seem like this was a mass burial grave, but more so a site for ancient people to visit when they lost a family member who was in military service at the time. 

In fact, it seemed like the burials were carried out in many stages other than the usual one-day memorial. The burial ground was also disturbed many times, according to their findings. This must have been a very popular space!

This hill at Tel Banat is commonly referred to as the "White Monument." It's located south of the town Kobanî. This area was plagued by many floods and then destroyed by the Islamic State during the early years of the Syrian Civil War. 

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