Mindblowing Drone Photography That Hardly Looks Real

Drone pictures are the latest craze in the photography world, and it's pretty clear why. Whether you're capturing a snapshot of an alligator or an unreal shot of a shark attack, drones show a new perspective of the earth. Check out some of the wildest snaps from the skyline...

Cow Farm

Don't have a cow, but take a good look at these ones! They were making some moves out there in the great open greens. Whether they're coming or going, they have quite an angle overhead. They even caught another drone in it! Got milk?

Total Isolation

Have you ever wished to be totally alone, away from everyone you know and everything you have? Well, clearly someone did, and they built an island in the center of nothing. If you ever need to getaway, this is a dream location. Only from this view can you see how special it is...


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