Mommy Blogger Admits She Found Out Why Her Husband Was Coming Home Late After Doing His Laundry

The Blunt Blonde

Jonna actually has a pretty successful blog nowadays! “I’m a woman of many trades, what can I say? I’m currently a stay-at-home slave. My boss is almost three feet tall, messier than s**t and really piles the work on my non-existent desk. So I’m pretty confident that I will not have any hair left by the time I reach my 30’s…”


David, on the other hand, grew up in literal Amish country in an Amish family. Jonna thought her life was all farms, but David’s really was! Even at their wedding, David had to let her know that Amish men are not allowed to wear ties, so they had to wear bowties. That kind of stuff was a learning lesson for Jonna.


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