Multiple Bigfoot Sightings Have Been Reported in Tulsa

Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area has been getting a lot of foot traffic since the beginning of the pandemic. Locals have flocked to the area to get some much-needed outside time in midst of social distancing. Lately, there have been sightings of a bi-pedal animal... 

“Over the weekend, we received dozens of calls and messages reporting a ‘sighting’ at Turkey,” the Facebook post of the wilderness site reads. They claim to be investigating the matter and to stay aware of your surroundings.


Neighbors have posted photographic evidence of the animal. All of the posts were simply asking what the beast was. A coyote? A bear? The fur is light-colored and stringy, and no bear fits that criteria. 

Many people are wondering what it could be. It's obviously not afraid of people since it's coming so close to the trails...

Turkey Mountain, which seems to be the epicenter of the sightings, occupies a wide area on the west side of the Arkansas River in Tulsa. The summit is 104 feet above the river below, which would make it a decent spot for Bigfoot-like creature to make a home. 

Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be hiding since many people are still posting photos.


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