NBA Player Nearly Loses Everything Because of a Master Catfish

When an instance of catfishing shocks even the master catfish debunker Nev Schulman, that’s when you know it’s real. An NBA star and an aspiring model were caught in the middle of a controversy when the police got involved…

The Act of Catfishing

Catfishing is a new-age popular term describing a fake internet profile who is pretending to be someone else. The term even coined an entire show dedicated to the act of catfishing. The host of the show, Nev Schulman, even became involved with this very case, saying, “What this catfish was able to accomplish is not only sophisticated, but incredibly manipulative, emotionally very traumatic, and at the same time wildly creative and somewhat impressive.”

The Police Want Him

Chris Anderson was playing with The Nuggets during a crazy NBA season. Anderson, also known as Birdman, was driving to the Pepsi Center in Denver for a game. He ended up getting pulled over… But, it wasn’t for a broken tail light.


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