New Dating App for Lonely Dogs Launches

It can be love at first swipe...well, puppy love at least. A new site called Pinder has just launched on the app store, which connects lonely pets to nearby furry friends. The hope is that by utilizing Tinder's swiping model, users can find a new playdate. Pinder's founder, Kevin Botero, is eager to start the process. "We’re just taking the effective format of Tinder and applying it to the pet community," he told the NY Post. 

Though the main purpose is to find a playdate for a pet, Kevin says that if something else were to come off the app, that wouldn't be too bad either. He told the Post, "I personally know relationships that have come about through people walking their pets in the park, so it’s definitely possible. On Pinder, you’re getting that level of pet-obsessed parent you’re looking for, which in reality is somebody just like you."

Pets have already taken over Instagram, so why not put them on the dating scene too? Just set up a profile of cute pet pictures and start swiping. Once there's a match, owners can communicate within the app, on Facebook, or even Tik Tok. Botero is happy to help these pet-lovers find each other: "These pet communities are often communicating on behalf of their pets. So we thought there really should be more fun and direct way to connect pet parents."

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Post originally appeared on Endeared.