Chilling New Trailer for "Antebellum" Is Out

The producers of Us and Get Out are giving us some more goodies for the upcoming film Antebellum. Before this newest trailer, fans were largely left in the dark about what the plot is. At first, all we were told is that it was a horror movie with some sci-fi influences. Now, we can really see what they mean by that...

Jenelle Monáe plays Veronica Henley, an author who ends up trapped between two different worlds. As she struggles to escape, she starts to learn about some dark truths about the past. 

She finds herself enslaved in a Civil-War era plantation. It seems like she time travels into the past as a slave, but more the gets exposed as she's gathered with the other slaves in front of a Confederate army.

"These sci-fi's to fulfill your every need," a man off-camera says in a Southern drawl. It becomes apparent that she didn't just accidentally time travel, but was abducted into the past to fulfill a purpose. That purpose isn't made clear in the trailer, but we are shown the dichotomy of her former life and her slave life. 

Following the footsteps of Us and Get OutAntebellum has themes rooted in slavery and civil rights while also exploring those themes through a horror lens. It's a story that wants to be told.

There's no release date, but it will drop sometime in 2020. Get ready.

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