Our Top Found Footage Flicks

Who doesn’t love a good found footage film? Once Blair Witch Project hit theaters, a whole new genre of horror film was born. Since then, we’ve had tons of new films to pick from. These are our favorites, and probably the best ones out there.

Hell House LLC

When a haunted house went awry and killed multiple attendees and staff, one documentary group made it their goal to go and investigate. Hell House closed down permanently after the deaths, but the film crew was still let inside and allowed to stay there while they film. Naturally, all of the creepy decorations were still inside. They are finally able to see if the rumors of the home were true or not…

Grave Encounters 1 & 2

A film crew from the show Grave Encounters were filming an abandoned asylum. It’ made very clear early on that the show is mostly fake (they even had a fake psychic!). Unfortunately, things quickly take a turn, and they’re trapped running for their lives from the evil entities that live in the asylum. This film quickly garnered a cult following and the highly anticipated sequel was released soon after!

As Above, So Below

When archaeologist Scarlette Marlow finds out that Flamel’s Philosopher’s Stone is allegedly hidden underground in the Parisian catacombs, she gathers up her friends to hunt it down. As they navigate the catacombs, they realize that this journey is way more than just finding the stone…


A television reporter and her crew get trapped in an apartment building while filming with firefighters. The late-night call was about a report of screams coming from the building. When they go in to investigate, things take a turn when an old woman begins attacking people… Soon, others begin going into a fit of rage, and the TV crew finds themselves quarantined…


This film is pretty much up in the ranks along with Blair Witch Project. When a giant monster begins tearing up New York City, a group of friends tries their best to stick together and get out before they get killed.

The Sacrament

Everyone has heard of the Jonestown Massacre. This film follows a fashion photographer and two reporters who go to visit Jonestown. As they try exploring and getting the story from people living there, things get more and more suspicious…

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