People Capture Creepy Sounds Using Sleep Recorder Apps

Everyone sleeps differently. Some people snore, others grind their teeth, and others sleep like the dead for 8 hours a night. No one's sleep cycle is the same, but some are much creepier than others.

There are plenty of sleep apps for people to figure out what's going on while they're unconscious. These apps are said to help identify any stressors during the sleep period. Naturally, some weird things have come up for some people.  

A Redditor anonymously posted this eerie recording from one night of sleep. She said that she can hear herself talking, but there's also a male voice that she doesn't recognize. She lives alone. 

Another woman took to the thread to post about her experience with a sleep app as well. This one sounds much more demonic, almost chaotic. She only had this to say about the recording:

There are 33 recordings. The majority of them are just me shuffling my blanket around or small groans. The one at 4:42 AM absolutely terrifies me. You can hear me whimpering a bit. But then there's a very masculine voice. I'm a female if you haven't guessed. He's mumbling while I groan in my sleep and then near the end of the 10-second recording it's very clear that he says "I........AM."

Even though it's a bit muffled, you can definitely hear a man's voice...


After hearing these, it's somewhat tempting to get a sleep app and record the room while you sleep... What if you found something like those recordings? That would be too scary! 

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