Pepsico's Latest Beverage Apparently Promotes Better Sleep

The newest drink from Pepsico is called Driftwell, and it's a brand of canned "enhanced water" that contains aromas and compounds that can encourage relaxation and sleep. 

The first flavor of Driftwell is blackberry and lavender, two common fragrances used in de-stressing products. The drink has 10% of our daily magnesium requirements and, in the long term, can help women sleep better. However, there's no causation for this and the same is not said about its effects on men. 

Since the drink contains a  variety of relaxing compounds, it's natural that it would also eventually lead to better sleep if consumed consistently. While there is no legitimate data on this yet, once the product hits stores in December, Pepsico will begin tracking the effects more diligently because there is certainly the science to back it up.

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Post originally appeared on American Upbeat.