Queer Horror Movies To Watch During Pride Month

June is Pride Month and is all about celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. It's difficult to find films that represent the community, even by today's standards. More and more directors are branching out and bringing same-sex couples, non-binary characters, and transgender characters and relationships to the forefront. Here are three films to watch to celebrate the month!


Lyle is a film that follows a lesbian couple making big strides in their lives. They just moved to a new home in a big city and are expecting a new addition to their small family of three. The landlady of their new home makes uncomfortable remarks towards the newly pregnant mother, and it only gets worse as the film goes on. This film, despite the horror aspect, explores lesbian motherhood, parenting, and relationships but through a horror lens. Many reviewers and critics have described this film as if the director brought Rosemary's Baby into the 21st Century.

Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body is an absolute cult classic that didn't pop off like it should have when it first debuted. Most casual watchers of films probably don't even realize that this film explores teenage bisexuality and the complexity of female relationships, which is fair. There's a lot of man-eating, that's for sure. But it becomes evident that Jennifer is in love with her best friend, and the succubus inside of her makes her volatile. 


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