r/Ghosts is Full of Paranormal Media

The age of technology has brought on a lot of paranormal "evidence" that people are desperate to have validated or debunked. On the Reddit thread r/Ghosts, there are tons of paranormal enthusiasts who post their experiences or evidence in hopes of finding answers. Some people are obvious trolls or are faking their evidence for attention, while others have genuine footage that cannot be so easily debunked... 

Alright Reddit help me debunk this video... from r/Ghosts

Paranormal finds are a hotly debated topic on the internet. It's pretty easy to create a hoax or a fake paranormal video with some editing just to make it go viral, which is sometimes good enough reason to fake something. The r/Ghosts thread is much more about helping others and finding out the truth than internet clout. If someone is a suspected "clout chaser" they'll be sniffed out pretty quickly. 

Empty building with opening doors. (Used to be a hospital is now office space) from r/Ghosts

Videos like the one above are easy to fake, but what makes them feel genuine is the conversations that the original poster is willing to have. According to them, "The owner of that office said he has seen someone standing in the corner of the room before but never really blamed it on paranormal but more on paranoia. Then somewhat a week later the authorities were contacted and sent to the office building since the alert went off that someone opened a door in the building, when they got there they found no one and nothing. They checked the surveillance and found this, you can see the blinds being pushed at first and then the door slowly begins to open."

My late father showing up in my second daughter’s ultrasound from r/Ghosts

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, there's always something interesting to watch or read on this sub. 

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