Red Lights Appear Over Mexico

Red lights appeared in the sky over a small town in Mexico. The government released a response, but many people are able to poke holes into their explanation...

The official report is that the red lights were sprites, which are large-scale electrical discharges (kind of like lightning) that happen in high altitudes above thunderstorm clouds. For some, that was a good enough answer. For others, not so much...

For one, sprites are supposed to occur at extremely high altitudes. Every witness to this event said that they were low to the ground. They're also only supposed to last for about a second, like lightning, but the ones in Mexico lingered for a long time. 

Many argue that this is not a natural phenomenon, but something else. The explanation that the government gave verses the experience of the citizens differs immensely. 

Pictures above are actual sprites... Very different than the video!

Some people are happy with what the government said, but others think that it could be something else... Whether it's otherworldly or not, there are questions that need to be answered!

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