Revisiting the Story of Beverly Allit; The Serial Killer Nurse

Whoever decided to hire this lunatic is beyond me. Beverly Allitt was visibly unstable, but somehow she was able to maintain a steady job and was even praised for her work. That is, until people started to catch onto what she was doing...

Beverly Allitt was born on October 4th, 1968 in Grantham, Lincolnshire. She displayed disconcerting behaviors at a young age that indicated that she had Mauchausen's syndrome. 

This is a rare mental illness that causes individuals to call attention to themselves about fictitious medical emergencies. Similar to hypochondria, Meuchausen's syndrome manifests through anxious behavior, but this can develop into medical psychosis and body dysmorphia. 

Allitt had a very difficult childhood, although little is known about it. Her fascination with her own medical history inspired her to pursue medicine as a career, and in 1991, she was given a job in the child ward at a small hospital in her hometown. 

During her training, Allitt was absent frequently, and she was caught smearing feces on the walls of her ward more than once. This was written off as strange but acceptable behavior (for some strange reason). When she was finally appointed her position, she started attacking children regularly. 

Outside of the view of doctors, she would inject babies with lethal doses of insulin and air-bubbles from empty syringes in efforts to kill them. 

In the end, she murdered six children and mortally wounded three of them. The children that did survive ended up with cerebral palsy, irreversible brain damage and scarring, and major sensory issues that permanently altered their lives. 

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