Robert the Haunted Doll

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Otto was a well off couple who were known for being cruel and mean. Their servants were abused by the wicked couple. One servant, in particular, was very well versed in voodoo, and they ended up crossing her. For revenge, she cursed a doll and gave it to their son, Gene. Gene took to the doll like it was his own brother. Gene named the doll Robert and took him everywhere. There was never a Gene without Robert after that. His parents began to get concerned when they heard Gene playing with Robert and using different voices… Then, things got bad. Gene began to break things and blame them on Robert. Visitors claimed to hear weird giggling from the doll or that his head moved without Gene touching it.

Servants even claimed to see Robert staring at them out Gene’s bedroom window, even if Gene wasn’t in the room. Gene got older and soon let Robert go, but not for long. Robert moved to the attic while Gene grew up and lived his life. Once his parents died, Gene inherited the house and eventually rediscovered Robert. At this point, Gene had a wife and kids of his own. The second he saw Robert, his unnatural obsessed came back with a vengeance. His wife was not so accepting of this relationship and wanted him back into the attic. Gene became violent and angry at the idea and fought her. Eventually, Robert was sent back to the attic. Visitors could see Robert in the attic window staring at him, and they even heard his footsteps on the ceiling. Eventually, Gene started finding Robert around the house. He was usually in the rocking chair in the turret room. No matter how many times Gene put him in the attic, Robert found his way back downstairs. Gene eventually died in 1972 and the house went to a new family. The little girl of the home found Robert in the attic and took a liking to him. In the years that came, she claimed that Robert tortured her.

Even to this day, she claims that he tortured so much that she still feels the effects. An Antique Shop took Robert in and can confirm that he is definitely evil. Visitors of the store say that they hear him laughing and that he watches them. Employee’s also can confirm his mischevious ways. A night janitor finished cleaning and turned all of the lights off, as usual. In the morning, store owners found the light next to Roberts case on. He also moves around at night and employee’s find him in bizarre places. Sometimes, you can hear Robert tapping on the glass. Robert can be found in Key West, Florida.    

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